Application development

Web applications offer custom solutions for sharing information and help to engage the potential client. Consequently, the user of the application gets involved in an exciting ‘digital communication’ and becomes part of the brand story.

BRIGHT offers solutions for two types of applications – mobile and internet applications (Facebook, in a desktop environment).

Ever increasing numbers of people all over the world use mobile devices and social networking services. BRIGHT will help you to keep up with the trend. We will develop custom applications for your unique needs. Why would you stay behind while your client is moving forward?

Our expertise in developing applications involve:


  • Development of application strategies and tactics
  • Graphic design – development of the brand image and single graphical icons
  • Programming (Android, iOS, web environment)
  • Assessment of functionality and solutions for improvement
  • Integration of games in websites
  • Integration of social media networking sites
  • Development of databases

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