No wonder the video platforms of gurus from all over the world are becoming increasingly popular. Videos enable people and businesses to communicate their message creatively, tastefully and effectively while a beautiful photo on your website, advertisement, blog or the cover of a best-seller will win attention and attract new audiences.

We, at BRIGHT, believe that videos and photos should be such that not only the client but the client’s client finds them attractive and memorable.

Our videos are shot with most advanced professional cameras and/or drones. We write classy texts and make interviews. We edit the textual content and add sound, voice and music. Our portfolio includes a wealth of different kinds of videos from short promotional ads to extensive lecture courses.

Our photos are highly creative and state-of-the-art. We take photos of people, industrial buildings and premises, products and events. Our photographer has eye of an eagle – he will always spot the right angle for an excellent photo.

BRIGHT project managers will:


  • Write a script and outline the production process
  • Find a video spokesperson (e.g. a professional actor) and encourage your company employees to take part
  • Help you decide on the best location for shooting – onlocation or instudio, and will take care of all preproduction work
  • Edit the video using the latest video editing software to apply visual and sound effects
  • Create a captivating video that will be enjoyed by your audience

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