Social media marketing

Most people have a profile in at least one social networking site. For entrepreneurs social networking is a powerful tool to promote their brand and business provided they have chosen the right social media and communication strategy for the target audience.
Social networks is where communication starts between businesses and potential clients. It is where the first impressions are made and further successful relationships developed. If the client’s needs are identified and the target audience addressed in most suitable terms and style, communication will inevitably bear fruit.
If you are not sure whether and why you need company profiles in social networking sites or whether such profiles would impact your business performance, contact us at BRIGHT and we will tell you all about it.

BRIGHT guarantees expert service in:


  • Developing social media marketing strategies (Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Conducting market research – analyzing and providing recommendations
  • Performing social media communications audit
  • Providing competition and market segment analysis
  • Creating a visual identity and profiles in social networking sites
  • Social media daily maintenance
  • Developing customized functionalities for reaching the target audience
  • Assessing the content effectiveness
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