Local system design for Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns

BRIGHT took over the webpage designed by CUSTOM PHP and optimised its contents, incorporated new technological solutions and designed a local system to support client’s specific business needs. Over the last couple of years, the local system has been developed further to enable use of Symfony Framework and Microsoft Azure authentication service.


The system has been developed for local company use to support project management tasks and has employed the following functional tools – budget planning, time-measurement, expense management, invoice generator, client and supplier tracking and contract registration, surveys, employee access control, employee assessment as well as bonus estimation based on the individual data in the user’s profile. The system design also incorporates various report tools to obtain company’s overall efficiency reports.


BRIGHT used REST API to connect the system to another local system with an HR (human resources) module for processing employee data and generating holiday schedules which are accordingly synchronized across both systems. The HR module may soon be designed further and incorporated in the BRIGHT system.


BRIGHT technological solutions have been supported by Symfony, PHP, HTML, REST API, JavaScript, jQuery, twig, Export to PDF, Export to Excel, Export to Word

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