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Bright Recognized Among Latvia’s Top Developers for 2021

14. May 2021.

Bright is a full-service digital agency that helps businesses build better connections through our innovative designs and technology. For over ten years, we have designed and developed digital products and provided digital services for clients all over the world. Here at Bright, we believe that each client is unique and that every new project is […]

Color Trends for 2021

15. February 2021.

Color is an integral part of our everyday lives. Even if we don’t notice a certain color, it is still there, creating the background or the mood of visual elements through its interplay with brightness, warmth and contrast. The power of colors lies in the emotions that they evoke within us; it is all about […]

Web Design Trends for 2021

7. December 2020.

Web design has been constantly evolving over the years. The creative and technological industries are the ones with the most rapid development out there, so it is not surprising that new design trends and methods of realizing them keep cropping up. All the biggest media outlets within this industry have been trying to answer the […]

Website development

15. March 2020.

Website development is a complex process that requires a lot of time and resources. Website design, front-end development, and back-end programming should be considered equally. The company should ensure that this work is entrusted to a professional team of web developers who are familiar with the chosen content management system (CMS). Choosing the right CMS […]

About Google Chrome newer security notifications

12. September 2017.

Starting from October 2017 Google Chrome latest versions will introduce newer security notifications, and considering that Chrome is the most commonly used browser in Latvia, we recommend that you make changes to the websites so that they continue to perform their functionality. What do “safety notifications” mean? From now websites that won’t use the encrypted […]

Template or custom website design – which one to choose?

4. August 2016.

Once you have decided to improve functionality and/or aesthetics of your existing website or create a brand new, you will have to choose between a template design (available for free on the internet) or a customized design developed to suit the specific needs of your business profile. A way to solve this dilemma is by […]

Bright wins the Annual Design Award 2015 for the best packaging design in 2015

4. October 2015.

We are so excited to learn that our work has been appreciated! BRIGHT has won the Annual Design Award for the best packaging design.

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