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BRIGHT - About Google Chrome newer security notifications

About Google Chrome newer security notifications

12. September 2017.

Starting from October 2017 Google Chrome latest versions will introduce newer security notifications, and considering that Chrome is the most commonly used browser in Latvia, we recommend that you make changes to the websites so that they continue to perform their functionality.

What do “safety notifications” mean?

From now websites that won’t use the encrypted HTTPS protocol but contains input fields such as contact form, the login for newsletters, the shopping cart that ask for customer data, when using Chrome browser will show that the page is “Not Secure” right next to the address bar.

Meanwhile, pages that will be SSL-certified (using HTTPS encrypted protocols) will indicate that the page is “Secure” next to the address bar.


This practice will also be introduced in other browsers soon – Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.

What is required to move from an unencrypted (HTTP) to an encrypted or secure (HTTPS) web site protocol?


  1. You need to purchase an SSL certificate

SSL is a cryptographic protocol, which ensures that the information transmitted from the server to the client computer is protected. Therefore, if the information is intercepted, then it is not possible to read or change it. To implement the SSL certificate, you must contact your hosting provider with a request to purchase the SSL certificate and to embed it on the page.

Here you can find out the prices of SSL certificates: https://uk.godaddy.com/web-security/ssl-certificate and https://www.cyberssl.com/ssl-certificates/comodo-positivessl.


  1. After installing the SSL certificate, it is likely that the programmer will need to repair link addresses for your website’s links to operate correctly.

We recommend that you do not hesitate to go ahead with the purchase of an SSL certificate.

It is also important to note that websites that use the HTTPS encrypted protocol are shown higher in Google search results!


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