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15. March 2020.

Website development is a complex process that requires a lot of time and resources. Website design, front-end development, and back-end programming should be considered equally. The company should ensure that this work is entrusted to a professional team of web developers who are familiar with the chosen content management system (CMS). Choosing the right CMS will significantly facilitate web development and maintenance and will enable the creation of a visitor-friendly website design.

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS, so we will focus on it in this article. What are the benefits of WordPress? WordPress is an open-source content management system used by more than a quarter of the internet’s websites.

1. Lack of goals and structure

Before developing a website, its purpose should be defined. The company needs to understand why the website is being developed and what you want to achieve with it. Before web designing it should be considered what kind of visitors you would like to attract. Research of the target audience should be concluded and you should define what you want to inform your website visitors about, what you want to sell, and what information you wish to collect.
Failure to define goals may result in redundant elements, inappropriate web design, or content that is not engaging to visitors. Clearly defined goals will help in creating the structure of the page and in the creation of content – and even in the process of maintaining the page.
Certainly every company has its own vision of what its website should look like, but that is not enough. For a web developer to understand the company’s vision, that vision must be displayed in detail and schematically.
When designing your website, long, abstract descriptions should not be created. Instead, we recommend preparing a site map and outline. The site map indicates the structure of the website, its navigation, and the necessary sections that correspond to the objectives of the website; however, the outline defines what the website will look like visually and what features will be included in it.

2. Creation of an inappropriate design

When developing a web design, the goals of the company must be kept in mind. It is necessary to evaluate who the visitors to the website will be and what purpose the website will serve. When developing a web design, factors such as theme, colours, and the placement of page elements (content, images, videos, etc.) must be taken into account.

When creating a web design, it is tempting to follow the latest web development trends. However, the main thing to keep in mind is the visitor – whether a young person who is familiar with the internet and who will appreciate an original and interactive design or an elderly person who may prefer an elegant and traditional design.

3. Failure to consider the user experience

When creating your website, you need to be able to imagine yourself as its end user. The task of the web developer is to create an engaging user experience that will allow a site’s visitors to find or accomplish what they want. When doing online activities, people do not want to learn; they want to accomplish things. Therefore, their experience should be simple and understandable.

In the Web design, it is recommended to avoid light and illegible fonts, low-contrast text, and other elements that can be confusing and make important information difficult to see.

4. Choosing an inappropriate content management system

The content management system is the backbone of the website. When choosing CMS, the company’s goals for its website’s visitors must be taken into account, as the site must be able to facilitate the company’s ambitions.

WordPress is one of the most common and recognizable content management systems. WordPress offers an impressive variety of themes and plug-ins; WordPress also offers an easy-to-use website administration panel. However, keep in mind that WordPress will also take time to maintain.

5. Rushed or poor-quality development

It is worth emphasizing once again the importance of finding knowledgeable and competent web designers and web developers. These are the people who will create your website, combining everything into a functional whole and creating the final product. Web development is a kind of art that should not be rushed.

Web development is a time-consuming process that benefits from clearly defined goals and a detailed plan. Of course, as in everything, communication is key. By actively following the developmental process, it is possible to eliminate shortcomings and achieve the optimal result.

6. Incomplete testing

The web development process is unimaginable without testing. It is important to test every page, section, link, and function. The testing of the website’s loading speed, its responsiveness, its code, and web browser compatibility should not be forgotten, either.

It is recommended to avoid the following errors:

7. Low-quality content

The website is designed, each page is excellent, and each of its functions is perfect. But what about the content? The content of the website is why people will visit it. The content must be informative, engaging, and relevant.

What is the point of a beautiful website, if the text is opaque and full of grammatical errors, the images are of low quality, and the video is in a language that visitors cannot understand?

The content of the website must be taken seriously. The text should be stylistically relevant to the purpose of the website and transparent, including

Audiovisual content must also be compelling and of high quality and must serve a pre-defined purpose. Some things to consider when designing visual content:

8. Neglecting the website

Maybe you think that once the website is designed, tested, and published, it will be possible to leave it alone and let it do its job. This is a misconception, because for every website, whether it is built on WordPress or some other CMS, maintenance will be needed.

Website maintenance and improvement are essential processes. If this statement seems exaggerated, compare the 2009 design of the YouTube website to its current design. The design and functionality of websites are changing in concert with the new trends and changes occurring in companies and in the world.


We conclude that one of the more serious mistakes in the website development process is to start this project without appropriate web development experts. However, even when working with experts, you must make sure you have a detailed plan, your goals are clear, and you have an idea of the optimal design, user experience, and CMS. Do not underestimate the technical aspects: programming, testing, and maintenance. And finally – fill your wonderful website with equally great content – your website’s visitors will appreciate it.

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